ToriCombat League
are you a hyperbeasty boy
Veoo please stop talking you're a disappointment -Mr.Softy aka Admiral Dweeb
I've said it already but I'll say it again haha congrats!

How did you get into art? Cats or dogs? Would you jump of a house roof for 10 bucks and a kiss from siku (on the cheek, though i wouldn't guarantee)?
▋▋▋▅ ▀ ▅ ▀ ▅ ▀ ▅ ▀ ▅ ▀ ▅ ▀ ▅ ▋▋▋
▋▋▋▅ ▀ ▅ ▀ ▅ ▀ ▅ ▀ ▅ ▀ ▅ ▀ ▅ ▋▋▋
You are amazing and very talented Hagan. I appreciate all the work you do. You always deliver awesome results and never fail to make really high quality stuff

You earned it

cheers bro

[Evil] is recruiting!

<DesiTwist> terty plays tb with the ghost turned off, uke turned off and uses that mouse with the ball in it