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Oh wowie these are the best replays I've ever seen! Swexx has nothing on you :o I've been following your career for a long time now and it never fails to impress!!!!!


I would have liked to see "more" from tsunami papi. The fluidity of your movement is very nice, and your small touches to control uke was a surprise, but there were many opportunities to engage and perhaps make this more of an ukebash instead of a quick decap. It was a nice decap though, you got a lot of speed going. The spar was very nice I think. 30 gravity looks to be your strength and I think you should continue. 8/10 I like.
u aight fam.

opener was nice i really liked how you went in the hand spin, but i guess you were a little too quick with the momentum change but i would care less tbh.

the hand spin overall is nice but i would've wanted you to straighten your posture while you were spinning tho, you should've been in an unlit candle position, not a burnt one, but yeah i still liked the spin either way.

initial lift was nice, don't really have a problem with it, but you kinda got yourself in a weird ass position in 395, but the fact that you were able to come up with something to continue from that position was cool, the hits after that was nice, what i would say is i guess extend the manip, and dm the shit out of uke, but shit this replay was cool already fam, you're still insane wtf.
I've always prioritized movement above destruction since I'm coming from a gameplay background rooted in dueling. It's just something I'm self-conscious about since I want to make this transition as seamless as possible. That being noted, I am taking these comments under consideration. This attached replay originally ended with 1 dm, as did the one from my previous post - but I decided to try and string together additional strikes.

I'm also enjoying sparring, and if you've visited Xioi's thread you probably have already viewed it. I'll upload it here anyway, though.

I am currently jumping in between high and low gravity profiles. Think I'll continue switching back and forth since I get tired of staying in one mode for too many projects.
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wow nice replays gentleman, u are the most beautiful replay maker I've ever laid eyes upon! I hope this journey ends up with a piss yellow name, and I think honestly it should happen already. absolute beast. I can only dream of being this good at singleplayer.
Resten fixar jag
Resten fixar jag
Resten fixar jag

Rythm is my bby simp queen;"""3
An older replay of mine that I wanted to share and keep the thread active while I work on a few other projects.
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