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Toribash 5.60 beta - Steam (Windows, macOS)
This is the first public alpha version of the next major Toribash 5.60 update
This alpha is primarily targeted at scripters and replaymakers to give a heads-up on what's to come as it introduces some breaking changes to some Toribash Lua functionality and the new replay data protocol.
To switch to this build, choose "alpha" in the Betas tab in Toribash properties from your Steam Library.

What's new in Toribash 5.60:
Lua replay manipulation updates
All player or environment changes (position, rotation, velocity, etc) triggered with Lua are now properly stored in replay files. See the list of all new functions below.

Documentation with EmmyLua annotations
We know Toribash has been notorious for its lack of documentation when it comes to game-specific Lua functionality. With 5.60 we're adding documentation for all existing Toribash functions as well as for built-in classes like UIElement or PlayerInfo.
EmmyLua is available as an extension for VSCode or IntelliJ IDEA.

Current alpha version does not have the final documentation yet and will receive further updates closer to stable release.

Texture atlas support
You can now load a single master texture and render its specific parts. This will be especially useful if you need to draw a lot of textures which will normally get capped by max texture limit.

All Lua hooks are now executed in a predetermined order
In past, when you attach multiple callbacks to the same Lua event you couldn't predict which order they'll be executed in. This has been revised in 5.60 and now hooks will always execute in the same order as they've been added.

Raycasting functionality in Lua
You can now create raycastable bodies and shoot rays with Lua. That is cool.
Lua bodies will exist in their own space and will not collide with any other objects.

Other updates
  • Screenshots are now saved as PNG files instead of BMP
  • Vastly improved obj loading performance
  • utf8 library support for Lua
  • Blood particles now collide with static environment
  • Blood particles no longer get generated from player collisions with static environment by default (requires hardness > 0)
  • New UITween class (toriui/uitween.lua) that can be used for time-accurate animations

Everytime i turned it into alpha the graphic is like low
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the multiplayer server list wont ever load and i have to restart the game to get it to work, also i think it might have hard crashed my phone its been dead for like 12 hours
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i went from beta to the current build and now my flames are way out of place
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Reset your custom.cfg file, 5.60 config is incompatible with earlier builds.
Config file is located in C:/Users/%username%/Saved Games/Toribash/ if you're on Windows and in ~/Library/Application Support/Toribash on macOS
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Reset your custom.cfg file, 5.60 config is incompatible with earlier builds.
Config file is located in C:/Users/%username%/Saved Games/Toribash/ if you're on Windows and in ~/Library/Application Support/Toribash on macOS

i forgot to say thanks so here is my thanksssssssThank you sir.
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New build is now available on beta and alpha branches for Windows and macOS, changes:

  • New features:
    • Display spectators in room list (will work after next game server restart on Monday)
    • Updated visuals for Community Replays menu
    • Updated visuals for MoveMemory menu
    • Updated visuals for Friends menu
    • Updated visuals for Clans list

  • Main bug fixes:
    • Fixed bug that was potentially leading to room list never loading data
    • Fixed bug with blood not getting floor reflections
    • Fixed bug with patterned texture rendering on highdpi screens
    • Fixed bug with special Toribash characters (!^%) not getting escaped in Login and Register screens
    • Fixed bug with render effects not being applied when rendering 3D viewports
    • Fixed bug with Kiai sounds not playing on match start
    • Fixed bug with mod triggers not working on instagib bodyparts and when grabbing env objects
    • Fixed bug with menu resolution not updating after changing gui scale or game resolution

Unless I come across some critical bugs this will be the build that'd go public for everyone next week.
Pushed a minor update, changes inside:

  • Unread news will now be displayed with a "New" badge (installation-specific, doesn't sync between devices)
  • Added info tooltips for bottom image buttons in main menu
  • Some fixes for Tutorials/Events backend to prevent UI flicker
did u add some kind of aim assist it feels like my cursor sticks to the joints, how do i turn that off
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