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yass <3
22 Votes / 47.83%
7 Votes / 15.22%
17 Votes / 36.96%
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[11:18 PM] Swosh: Das ist gut!
[7:19 PM] Aliosa: Can't have loopholes if there are no loops.

[9:14 AM] Viddah: Just remember if you step on toes youre gonna have to suck on them to make the pain go away
[9:16 AM] [Faux_fan]ancient: put me in the screenshot

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Chronoptic energy bursts from one plane to the other, evaporating anything it touches.

Some are some aren't, you'll have to do your own research
My on.toribash link stopped working a long time ago and the link started redirecting to some shady dating scam website so it's come to this.
black tar heroin, cool?
this shit like lego's we knock blocks off, and then we skirt off
grew up 'round glizzy's not no hot dogs, that'll grill your top off
catch a Toribash player in real life, I'll make him log off
most drugs are cool theres quite a few that are not cool at all

heroin, meth, crack, etc are not cool

psychedelics and hallucinogens are cool

dissociatives are kinda yuck
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