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[REQ] Texture set, 50k, can haggle
Alright, so I want a new texture set

No groin, no chest, no breast, no pecs, no stomach, no dq, no flames, no icon, no bumpmaps, no GUI

Price: I will pay anything, as long as it's less than 200k, but it has to be really good

General info: I want it based on the deck of playing cards

Colors: Whatever you think looks best

Trails: Please don't make it be stereotypical such as left hand gets clubs, left foot gets hearts and so on

My price is 50k, but I can haggle for more if it's worth it

Fuck this thread is way shorter then my last request thread...

Anyways, yeah, go ahead

Edit: And I mean the original ones

Not any other's, like Tarot ones and so. Thanks Nuthug
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50k to 200k for making me a Texture Set ;o
Oldbean is ftwness