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How to make a basic Emo head
Okay so when texturing, especially when you want to make an emo head, you want to maybe sketch something up just in case you can make that in to reall are like so:

This is a sketched image, and now I will make it into the reall thing

So first thing I do

Is decide what resolution, 128, 256, 512
This time ill use 256 x256

Then when I open the blank page I click:
View/Show Layer Boundry ( uncheck it) makes it easier to see, in my opinion.

View/Snap to Canvas Edges (check it) this makes your drawing snap to the end of the canvas, great if your mirroring or unsure of where your ending.

Image/Guides/New Guide by Percent, make a vertical and horizontal guide with
50%, 75%, and 25%, from that you have your facial area inside the square,

the sides are the 25% and the 75% vertical lines, thatís where your ears would go, if u add any.

Okay now here come the drawing part.
Create a new layer (ctrl+shift+N)
Grab the pen, or ink tool.
Set the size to 3.0
Follow your sketch or how you think it would look,
I make a first line to represent the hair that covers one eye.
To make a good line, click the path tool.

Click the starting point, and then the ending point, then drag the line to make curves.

When you have the line you want, click stroke path, and click stroke with a pant tool, and be sure to click the ink tool in the the scroll box.

After you click that, check of the box that says:
Emulate brush dynamics.

And there you have a good line.

Do this until you are satisfied with your art.
When you want to preview it, click:
Filter/Map/Map Object, and wait for a box to pop up. Inside the box you can preview the head as a spere instead of making a spinny or saving it to preview in game.

Use this to proportion your head and make it even.

And thatís all.

When your coloring, make sure you make new layers (ctrl+shift+N) for your coloring.
Great Tutorials!
Look cool emo. :3

but I not need the path tool. I'm good drawing.

Edit: Mmm?! Wow I like path tool now!

show my head

in 7min
No black line hair
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You're tutorial is short, and even if it is informative, sadly, it sucks. Now, this is simply because of the content of this said tutorial. You are obviously trying to connect with beginner artists, and you are doing it wrong. I hope people reading this thread will end up reading my post, because I find it quite important (fuck yeah humbleness). If you are a beginner artist. DO NOT start with emo heads. I repeat. DO NOT. Sure they are easy as hell, but why would you want to make a head that's been done at least 10,000 times. Do something original, then you might get NOTICED, and not fall in with the crowd of boring textures. I would know because I'm an experienced market lurker etc
He's right, Emo heads don't get far same as robot heads, you should try to go for some real life heads and try to just blend it with others, just use initiative and you'll get further in the market and get more for your heads because of the uniqueness.
this tut. isnt for pro head makers. who shouldn b in tut section anyway.
its for beginnerhead makers, so please, if your goingto put medown because im just sharing how to start , then plzgtfo :]

btw. u can use the guides to start any head.