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[S]Painblood's good promo TC shop
Welcome to my TC shop!

Prices & promos:
1$ = 5k + Hydra relax/ Magnetite blood/ Both supernova gradients
3$ = 15k + Hydra force + relax/ Full shaman set/
4$= 20k + Right leg texture + Left leg texture.
6$ = 30k + all 4 texture trails/ Ground texture + DQ texture + 2toxic bloods/
12$ = 60k + Quicksilver force + relax + azurite blood/ 2 Azurite rage flames (dl me to check them)
24$ = 120k + Full texture set (All body textures + DQ texture + Ground + 4texture trails)
25$ = 125k +
Full plasma set + Full shaman set + Azurite force & relax
40$ = 200k + Full texture set + Azurite force & relax
50$= 250k + Elf pack

Special custom items offer:
60$ = 300k tc + Anything from market for 700k or less.

How to buy:

1.) Post how much TC do you want here or PM me.
2.) Receive a message with my paypal address.
3.) Send me your money.
4.) Receive TC and items. =)

TC SOLD - 345k
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if i had money and paypal i would immediatly buy it

just epic prices
I'll do >:D >:D >:D and YOU'll do :S:S:S:S:S:S:S
Originally Posted by PainBlood7 View Post
Special custom items offer:
60$ = 300k tc + Anything from market for 700k or less.*

Whats with the *. Is there something else to that offer?
If you need to contact me do it here.
I'll buy $5.00 worth. PM your paypal info.
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Originally Posted by PainBlood7 View Post
Legal 24h bump. Promos updated. Anyone who will buy TC for at least 3$ in next 48h will get additional 256x256 head texture.

That's like 15k + Full shaman set + 256x256 head for just 3$!!!

Do I need the Qi for the shaman set? If not, Ill do the $3 one :]