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Hi This is rachets User bar and ad bar shop
High Quality.

All user bars are made in gimp.
if any of you post a repleca web based bilder
i will report you.

to order just fill in this app.

pictures: (upload a pic you want on)
text: (name, slogan anything)
Colours: (what 2 colours you want on each side.
you can choose 3 or 4 adds 100tc per extra colour)
border colour:
interlcing colour: (adds 500tc)
glass: (highlight)
glass colour: (adds 200tc)
light spot: (adds 300tc colour included)
text glow: (adds 200tc colour incuded)

all standard userbars are 1k

i make advertisment bars as well

interlacing: striped, right rain, left rain, blinds, blocks, checked

glass: wavey, bumpy, down hill, up hill,


Pending list:
Non at the moment.

help the shop stay open copy and paste the image below

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Any examples?
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Originally Posted by Kristis133 View Post
Any examples?

ill make so if you want

edit adding example

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these are from a website, c'mon.
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what makes you think there from a website i make my in gimp and a template maker

adding to exaplees
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Just because you may be able to make them from a site does not mean you have to fuck up his shop.

Srsly guys, no idiotplz.

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