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[Set]Cartoon Set


And a few heads i made

Voodoo priest

Gengar(pokemon) with scouter from DBZ and a headband with a japanese writing
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I dont like the 2nd and 3rd head =/ 2 simple if u ask me

But the first set Good job xD add more detail on the face and it would be perfect 8/10 for set 7/10 for everything overall

ahah i realy love the first set the legs and the hands are awesome and your logo too :P
first head is realy realistic, the second is decent
keep going ;o
i think the set is very nice for a cartoon set. They all look the same to me, solid colors, easy shapes and images. but either way it is nice

I really enjoy both the heads. I think the first one, realistic one, could use more! I love when people make real heads, but someones got to master the whole thing, ears chin, neck, hair. now that would be cool

and the second head is awesome, its a nice look, its strange how the eye piece is shaded and chrome, and the rest is cartoon. but it is uniqueish lol
What do you mean. The hands are kinda like his but the rest is just random stuff.
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Hey there. Your set is pretty nice. I like this style lol
Also, i like that purple head =]
Also, are u selling them?
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FighterKHV: The set is sold. If u want the head just pm me. Btw the 2 heads r in 512x512