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[REL] Faked Shaders
This is my script that draws a scene similar to shaders. This script is for those who cannot run shaders on their computer.

May not work properly in toribash versions older than 3.86. So get a version from 3.86 to 3.9.

  • Blood splatters
  • Customizable horizon, sky and floor colors and size
  • Sun and Lens Flare
  • Object and player reflections
  • Color options for in-game and menu texts
  • GUI shader menu (ctrl+h)
  • GUI shader creator
Other things to note:
  • Blood can only be one color this is tori's
  • The reflections cannot be textured
  • The menus change the color to the floor color
  • High quality joints or toris are not possible

  1. Download "shader.lua" into your "toribash\data\script\" folder.
  2. Unzip the "" into the same folder. There should now be a sub folder called "shader".
  3. Optional If you wish to have the shaders on automatically place the "profile.txt" in you toribash folder, that is the same as the exe's. Then rename it "profile.tbs".
  4. Use ctrl+h to change shaders
  5. To add new shaders to the menu list you must first activate them using "/ec shader ****" (Eg. "/ec shader default")
"default.txt" and "shader.lua" are required. Default shader comes in the zip.


Get more shaders here!
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I really like it. The blood splatter option was smart, this should be added instead of the current non-shaders.
This is great for people that cant play with shaders "like me"...
When it will be avaliable?
that is the best thing i have ever seen! awesome job! Is there going to be a download for this soon?
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Wow. good job. I've always wanted blood splatters. :3

When will download be available?

I want. Soooo bad.
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Wow. good job. I've always wanted blood splatters. :3

When will download be available?

I want. Soooo bad.

Fantastic job, Zas.
Omg this is AWESOME
i hope this is released soon
i trust in god :D