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HereYou Can Buy Toricredits For Real Money[i accept $ and Euros]

The Rates
1$=10k+ Extra Tc
5$=50k + Avy + Extra Tc
10$=110k +Avy + Sig + Extra Tc
15$=160k + Avy + Sig + Extra Tc
20$=220k + Avy + Sig + Extra Tc
25$=260k + Avy + Sig + Head Texture + Extra Tc
30$=330k + Avy + Sig + Small Texture Set + Extra Tc
35$=360k + Avy + Sig + Small Texture Set + Extra Tc
40$=440k + + Avy + Sig + Small Texture Set + Extra Tc
50$= 570k + Avy + Sig + Good Texture Set + Extra Tc

Only PayPal Money Accepted

Paypal Address
[email protected]

/join waffles
/join polska
/join gata
/join market

Details Soon ;)

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i might take $250k if i can setup a paypal

i wouldnt count on it though
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Hmm i now have a card with 14$ because i sold someone 6$-&$ on here. Do you accept a Visa Gift Card?. IT has 14$ left on it. I could tell you the code and you can use the 5$ of off it.
I'm back :)
no, i don't know that :P

i have normal paypal acc



wait for my in next day
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How Can I prove to you that I have the Card. I tried registering on paypal with it and it took some money off of it. I brought 70k from someone with the card and they got 6$ dollars off of it. Now I want to buy 5$ worh of stuff from this shop.
I'm back :)