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[tut]Pats Concept Of Joint Movement
Joint movements.

What do each of the joints do? well many people don't actually realize what each of the joints do they just go into single player and play around until they have something nice, but having the knowledge really does help and gives you the ability to make replays quicker.

I myself haven't mastered every single joint as of yet, but I can give a brief description of what each joint does.
I'll start with the neck.

Neck : The neck really doesn't seem to do much but it can, it lets you tilt your head forwards or backwards, you may not notice but doing this you can slightly raise or lower your kick for example, but I've never really used it except for maintaining balance in head spins, contracting leans it backwards, extending leans it forwards.

Shoulders : They extend your reach, for example if you raise your arms whilst you jump, they give you a upward momentum so you'll jump higher or if you want to kick forward with more distance then extending your shoulders helps this. Lowering gives you the exact opposite and gives you a shortened jump for example.

Elbows : They can control how fast your chest moves and they can keep balance. For example When I do a spin kick, I could have my elbows contracted for a faster spin, then when coming down I would have my elbows extended to balance my center of gravity and help me land straight.

Wrists : They work with the elbows, by this I mean if you want my elbows contracted faster I contract wrists, and if I want my elbows extended faster I would extend my wrists, but I would normally only use them when I'm doing an accurate punch or when I'm throwing for a skeet.

Pecs : Simple, contracting brings your whole arm in front of you, extending brings your whole arm behind you.

Chest : This is very important it basically controls how your tori twists, right rotating bring your left side of your body or better yet your left pec side forward with side ward momentum going right, and rotating left brings your right pec forward with side ward momentum going left, I'll explain how this is useful later.

Lumbar : This is a easy one to understand but a hard one to use in concept. Basically think of tilting your whole torso in one direction, Like your tori maintains being totally straight but leans either left or right. Left banded lumber leans your tori to the left and right banded leans your tori to the right, simple enough?

Abs : Leans your tori forwards and leans your tori backwards, works similar to the neck but opposites, by opposites I mean contracting leans you forwards and extending leans you backwards.

Hips : Very important for kicks, contracting brings your leg forward and extending brings it back, but both legs are needed to obtain great speed and power.

Glutes : These are very important because they decide how wide or how straight your kick is, contracting them brings your legs as close to each other as possible like spreading your legs and closing your legs for example, extending your glutes spreads them as far as possible, think of someone doing the splits as appose to someone standing feet together. Sorry for my bad metaphors but really it is how I describe it.

Knees : They decide if your legs are straight or not, to sum it up contracting brings the leg to your glute so your foot touches your glute, extending keeps your leg as straight as possible.

Ankles : Depending on how you use your ankles they can change a dismember from a boom hit, extending Makes your foot straight as if you were on your tippy toes for example, contracting them is the opposite and brings them upwards in the direction of your knees.


So here are my horrible explanation skills, and you have the knowledge congratulations understanding this is all you need to be a good replay maker.
But knowing how each thing works is different than knowing what everything does together.
I'll explain some simple things that I do, that can really make a different in your replay making.
Alright first, I tend to associate some things, like what rotating and extending and contracting I do for said punch and kick.

By this I mean right rotating your chest associate right rotation with left pec going forward and right leg going forward. So if I wanted to do a left arm punch or a right leg kick I would rotate my chest right, and for left leg kick or right arm punch I would rotate my chest left. So opposites basically, and for added power I would also do the opposite for my other legs hip or my other arms pec. So contracting left pec whilst extending right pec and the same for hips, just opposites + chest rotation and you have a basic kick or punch.

For maximum power I ALWAYS do it, just try and get into a habit of memorizing it. Right rotate, left pec and right hip contracted whilst right pec and left hip extended. Then with left rotate the complete opposite of what I just wrote knowing this really works wonders because most kicks use these for power other things like ankles,abs and lumbar are used to aim your kick properly.
After you've nailed this the important thing is getting momentum.

Punch Demonstration

Here is a simple punch. Moves need setups. So what I did was I did the opposite rotation of my punching arm so I could swing with it after wards with forward momentum. Notice how I left rotate and my left leg goes forward, my right leg goes backwards, my right arm goes forward and my left arm goes back.

Now look a few frames later as I do the opposite rotation, whilst extending my elbow to get more power and contracting and extending the opposite pecs. Notice how the legs change place as well.

Now there isn't really much more to say, Most moves need momentum for power, and the easiest way is setups, This is one setup I've given you but there are definitely more, but that's for you to figure out.

General Tips

-If you want to jump high then raise your arms as you jump you can also extend ankles to help your jump if needed.
Relaxing over holding gives you more fluidity and momentum.

-Relax any joint you aren't using unless you need to hold it.

-Use your glutes,abs and lumbar to aim your kicks, even if you're not sure what each of these do properly at the time just play around and you should get a result anyways and you may learn something.

-Don't get into a habit of constantly changing rotation for no reason because then the replay does look very random will lack flow.

-When making a replay, don't sit in single player randomly pressing joints,Think of an idea first, then get into single player and execute it if you get into a habit of this, replay making just becomes easier and easier. Be specific and think how you're going to do things.

-Every single joint can affect your toris movement. For example if you're performing a kick and you raise or lower your arm you could either raise or lower the speed of the kick and if your doing a skeet, changing any joint any given time during, could make the skeet dead accurate or totally miss.

-Keeping in mind that every joint affects your movement it's greatly needed in precision, changing a few joints around can totally change the outcome of whatever you're doing so it's best to watch carefully what each affects. - Tamer0

In a few of my replays, the neck joint in one frame has meant the difference between breaking my foot off and getting a boom. -War_Hero

I'll conclude this by posting two replays a kick combo and a punch using the rotation I just explained to you. Of course it won't be as simple as the first punch, I'll be making use of all the joints to properly aim. I can also explain my validation for my movements if needed. And if there are any questions or you want further help in anything single player related, don't hesitate ask your questions in this thread or try find me on irc, I'm normally in #Ormo,#Sigma,#Doc and #V under the name Pat. Here are the replays.

These replays are just meant to demonstrate chest movement, they aren't in any way intended to be that good.


Demo 1 : http://www.box.net/shared/2m5cf24mq6
Demo 2 : http://www.box.net/shared/giz0ziuqnl
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You forgot to capitalize "chest"

In a few of my replays, the neck joint in one frame has meant the difference between breaking my foot off and getting a boom.
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How about information on how to manipulate someone else using certain joints.

Leverage, etc. Opponent has little they can do after an opponent has control of their head... it's the end of a lever, you almost control where there body goes.

cindermomo This isn't really a mp tutorial. And I didn't forget to capitalize chest I just literally can't, my c key is missing. So it's a lot more convenient to copy and pasting lower case "c". But I will fix it. I just wanted to give people basic info.
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This is pretty pro.

Would be great if you could make somehting like this for wii.

It would be like great!

Vox sucks
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I think I could adapt to wii. I'm getting back to Australia in 3 months though. By then I'll probably be quite unexperienced on wii toribash. But I'll still buy it and see where how I go.. People have complained how my guide isn't in depth well I know I haven't covered everything and I had no intention to. I just gave the basics but you really can do a lot of you just know the joints. I also gave people the option to seek help by talking to me over irc.

I guess people rather complain than just asking for help with curtain things. I'd prefer give basics then cover every single aspect and make it so they have nothing to find out on there own.
Before I wrote this I was thinking of writing other guides but Meamme0 and Shook covered most of the fundamentals of Sp pretty well.
I'd love to make it for toribash Wii, but I won't be able to get toribash wii for 3 months. If no one has written something. I'll gladly make some tutorials about gameplay and tips etc.