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Posting Images and Replays
How do I post an image on the forums so that everyone can see?

First you must upload your image to an image hosting website, common websites include: >imgur<, >photobucket< and >imageshack<

Now to get the link to the image, we'll use an image I made >< as an example. (Some pages give you a bunch of links to be used for forums, e-mails etc like >this<, it's recommended to choose Linked BBCode for pre-wrapped links)

Add tags to the link, such as: [IMG][/IMG], and post that.


How do I post a replay?

Posting a replay is easy, just follow these steps below while posting a message on the forums. Feel free to make your own >replay thread< here

Start by finding your Quick Reply box and pressing the 'Go Advanced' button.

Scroll down and select 'Manage Attachments'.

Select the replays you want to upload by clicking on 'Browse'. Then, you should be able to locate your replays folder by following this path: Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Toribash > replay > my replays

Click 'Upload' once you have selected the files you want uploaded. It should look like this:

If it does, then you're done! you can then send the post!

How do I put a youtube video on my post?

To post a youtube video you must:

First, get a YouTube video you want to post:

Copy everything after "/watch?v=" from the link. In this case, it's rulyBM_R22o.

Paste the text inside tags. You should now see the video embedded in your post.



Polish translation

Portuguese translation

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How do i post replays From steam? My replays are in my steam folder but WHERE IS THAT?
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Where would my steam folder be at exactly?
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We are all Lone Wolves Waiting to be freed From all the Horrible things we have now in this life
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I'm myself working on a big forum post, and i'd like to incorporate files directly into my wall of text (Instead of at the bottom of the post). How could I do that?