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[replays] How To Run. (Not a move tut)

As many of you know (especially the mods), there have been many people asking for and trying to create running tutorials. Running is simple, just push and pull while maintaining balance. There are many things you can do by running, such as cover distance, gain momentum, or just look cool.

To run, you want to build up momentum. It's not just put one foot in front of the other and go. Well, you want to keep balance. After that, you want to get into a fighting stance or use your forward momentum to do a trick (or do both and beat the life out of Uke). Look at running in real life, it's pushing and pulling with your legs. You use your hips to push a leg forward, put it on the floor, then pull yourself forward with that leg. In Toribash, it's about the same. But there are different ways to get a "running start".


Momentum is the (one of the) most essential part(s) of running. There are many ways to get it, such as jumping, spinning, pushing, pulling, etc. The most common way is lunging forward. Pulling your legs to your chest and then pushing them outward is what you'll see most people doing. That way, you can push yourself forwards and be prepared to pull your leg up to be in a running pose. The run that this form produces is much too low, though. To get even better momentum, start out with a similar push but use your arms to assist. You can position them like wings and swing them back (1), get on all fours like an animal (2), or rotate your torso to get one to the ground and push it back (3), it looks more natural that way. You can also get it by contracting your ankles to turn them into a lever. You'll tilt forwards, then you'll be able to launch. This is what most people do when tricking or sparring, because it sets up good rotation for a punch, kick, flip, etc.


Balancing is also crucial to the running process. Some may think "Well I'll just rotate my chest back and forth and I'll be fine." Not usually the case, my friend. When twisting repetively you will usually fall (4). Pay attention to your ghost! Always try the rotation, but don't do it unless you need to keep up, it can hurt your balance. Excessive use of the lumbar can't hurt as much; It can help or ruin your balance.


There are flashy runs, effective runs, then there are the few that are both effective and nice-looking. 360s are always nice, and can set up many moves. For example, butterfly kicks and twists are set up with a 360. Just a spin is nice too, usually done by pushing a leg back before pulling your arms up (or down) and your legs together to take up less horizontal space. Other things you can do are flips, which are for flashy purposes only. But a flip or spin with a hook, round, or snap kick are the successors of just flipping and kicking. After all, what's a replay/spar/match of running without style?

I want to thank Verax, for that running tutorial that everyone knows as "the youtube run"
I want to thank Lawrence1, for teaching a helpless noob (me) how to run.
I want to thank Slycooper, for helping me learn the ropes of running
I want to thank saahsaap, (formerly known as killersam) for encouraging me to begin freerunning and parkour.
And I want to thank you, for reading this tutorial
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I want to thank Slycooper, for helping me learn the ropes of running


I really like the tutorial, it explains what is most important and how to expand on your skills. It's in depth and to the point while not running on and on. It could use some images though.
I think this is a really good tutorial. It's more for advanced players, though. I don't see this as a starting point for anyone. It could use images. The replays are excellent, but they don't show all of your points. In my opinion, the best aspect of this tutorial is that you were really clear. In accordance with Sly, it didn't go for too long. Not enough people know the importance of titles, and I like that you took that into account. It keeps the structure and gives organization. Good grammar. Very professional.
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Thank you, this has really helped me advance in my free running skills.It taught me very well on how to run fluidly and with speed through the use of momentum, thanks. Also, very informative replays. Maybe some screenshots would help too. Great job.