Endurance Onslaught 3.0
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Bones1138 Quality Headshop (500TC each!)

"Because getting (a) good head doesn't have to be expensive!"
~Ron Jeremy

Welcome! To see some of my sold heads, clik here.

If you want to buy anything you see, please PM me. Also, please read the rules. It makes life a lot easier.

- All heads are 500 TC. 500TC!? Yes, 500TC. Keep reading.
- I don't edit, tweak or adjust. WYSIWYG.
- I only respond to actual buyers.
- I will send you the head via PM with a kind request to reply to me when you've actually received it. Once you've acknowledged this, the original texture-file will be deleted from my server.
- All purchased heads will be removed from my server 1 week after I've sent it to you. If I have to send it a 2nd time because you lost it, or simply didn't pick it up, I will charge you 50 TC for doing more than I should.
- No Credits Back Guarantee! ...unless you have a REAL good reason!

Happy Shopping!

1a. Ernie Ball :: available ::
1b. Pikachu! :: SOLD to itachi1002 ::
1c. Firestarter :: SOLD to Tabaluca ::
2. Sentry :: available ::
3. Vic Toothpic :: SOLD to RIP2 ::

4. Headkick :: available ::

5. The One Head :: available ::

6. Robocop :: available ::
__________________________________________________ ________________/

7. Hatebringer :: SOLD to kosecnono ::

8. Overdroid Vampire :: SOLD to itachi1002 ::

9. Eightball nOOb :: available ::

10. My Brain Hurts :: SOLD to Stupinator ::

11. Jason :: SOLD to VaultDwell ::

12. Pwnisher :: available ::

Hope you like my work! New heads will be added, so keep checking up...
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These look like 256x256 images. Just to warn you, while they work when you throw them in the game itself, the server will not support it and will reduce it to 128x128 and reduces the quality quite dramaticly.
These are all 128x128. Although I used a 3D app to render the previews, I still used the original 128x128 textures. For all you doubters, here's an un-edited in-game screen of my Jason head.

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mr.T one is legend!!!if it wasnt like... impossible to diesign nice body textures for it, id buy it xD
-=Art is never finished, only abandoned=-
If you made the tribalface 2 Orc and Marine, I'd buy it.
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