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[TUT] weed's all round replay tutoria
Part 1: Momentum
In toribash, and in real life, momentum is critical to virtually everything you do. Even things as mundane and every day as walking require careful control of your momentum. In real life you normally never think about this because you don't need to, all of us learn to control our momentum intuitively as we grow up. In toribash you have to master this skill all over again.
When running in toribash the most difficult bit tends to be starting to move, most players have their own unique way but they usually all have the same kind of idea; lean forward and push off with both legs at the correct time then start running. however if you're struggling with that you can use the ever popular "verax" run, its popular because its easy to use and fast but I for one would rather use my own.
If you would like to be able to pull off moves like nuthugs "extremerunedit" replay in your default replays then you need to know how to get rotational momentum. the opener in that replay is a good example of the simplest way to execute a spin. one leg coiled up behind and your chest and pecs rotated in the opposite direction (if you coil up your left leg then it would be to the right and vice versa). You then simultaneously extend your leg and counter rotate you chest and arms making sure you relax or raise your arm to get the maximum effect. That's the basics of it but you would need to play around with the rest of your joints in order to get the desired effect such as pushing your front leg into the ground for stability and height. example:example replay - spin1.rpl
More advanced ways of initiating a spin are done using the same theory. By using one leg to provide resistance against the your lower body wanting to move when you swing your arms and use your arm as a flail in order to gain the momentum. this technique is more difficult and usually doesn't give you the speed of the other technique but it looks better and so is most commenly used in tricking and other realistic replays. example: example replay - spin2.rpl

Part 2: Balance
Balance in toribash is as important as momentum if not more so. Balance isn't just staying on your feet, it's vital to every move you do especially the flashy aerial moves. When attempting to balance in the air the key is to remember the theory: "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" this may apply to real life but it's true in toribash too. It sends rockets to space but it can also help you land that epic move you've been working the best part of an hour on. you might be wondering how this applies to toribash. Let me explain, if you find that as you come in to land a jump that you are leaning to the left you could raise your right arm to correct it. You're joints do not simply move the joint instead they act and a lever, obviously seeing as your body is heavier than your limbs, your limb will tilt the most but your body will tilt also. Example picture in cas you still don't understand:the red arrows are arm movemnt and the green arrows are body rotation

Balancing on the ground is different the technique you use in the air doesn't work as well on the ground. unfortunately i find it extremely difficult to explain and i would probably end up confusing you more trying to explain it so if anyone would like to write something for me to put in here i would be grateful

Part 3: Tricking

Part 5: Madmans and Boomhits

Part 6: Freerunning

As you can see its not finished but i will be finishing on momentum and doing the other areas and (hopefully) get some pictures in for some areas over the next few days in my free time.
EDIT: finished momentum
EDIT: finished Balance
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[Pure], wanna join?
How many replay tutorials are there going to be? This is like the 8th one.

I might be wrong but you applied to be a teacher right?
this has helped me with my replays, your good for doing this it has helped a lot of people just by looking at it for a couple of minutes
but yes you do need replays and some pictures to get your point across.
Its okay but weed,
Theres alot of great replay makers out there who dont use realism or dont no how to freerun or do tricking.
Yours tut at the moment is really just based on realism.
Also, please find another word for momentum. its been used about 6 times in this tut.