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>>fl0w<< [Post your application here] >>Wanna go with the fl0w?<<


[fl0w] is an invite-only clan!

You do need a recommendation from a [fl0w]member to be able to make an application which then gets judged by the entire clan!


About [fl0w]
Although we are quite multi-mod, [fl0w] is primary a wushu3.tbm clan.
So these are our main mods, and we like it.
Our clan is based on friendship, so people here know each other pretty well.
We are relaxed clan, so basically we just enjoy the game together. ;p

Our requirements
We are looking for good wushu/aikido players and nice people at the same time.
So if you are going to post, make sure that you are good in wushu (no openers, impro only, good with comebacks) ,
and/or you are good in aikido ( our standart is: going for clean throws, no contracting wrists on 1st turn, no lifts, no lift kicks, no leg / torso grabbing ),
and you have a nice personality (mature, but not too serious ofcz ;p ).
If after reading this you still think that you fit our requirements,
then you probably could fill an application.

Good luck

Application form
Nick: ~your nick obviously
Age: ~your age probably
Belt: ~black belt and up
Previous clans: ~If you were part of any
Reason to join: ~Why do you want to join us?
Replays: ~You must add replays to application
And sure those replays must be a wushu replays without openers, but with impro and comebacks.

Few notes:
after you applied, we will consider your application, and if it's valid, we will test you ingame.

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tell me about aikido
~referencing Dark Souls in suicidal threads since 13/01/15
Nick: boykins
Age: 14
Belt: 3rd dan
Previous clans: i was in demon
Reason to join: to help all the clan
Replays: i will put

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3346real nice fight.rpl (91.2 KB, 69 views)
Ninja time.rpl (62.7 KB, 47 views)
boykins vs Ners.rpl (68.7 KB, 32 views)
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Nick: Swammy2
Age: 22 i think
Belt: Just turned 9th Dan \o/
Previous clans: CW, D7, Tint
Reason to join: Many friends here.Old Skoolers n new. Fl0w seems like a cool bunch
Replays: Well I dont think I has any on this PC. I'm in-game now if you dont believe I kick ass. I'll collect a few more replays for you

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wushu xD - 01.rpl (88.2 KB, 56 views)
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Hey hey. :P

First things first:
Name: Call me Julien.
Age: 16.
Belt: 3rd dan. :x
Clans: Was coleader of the unofficial "red".. But my grammar threatened the leader. Or something. xD Not to mention it wasn't that cohesive.. We were more or less a bunch of random people who posted on the same thread.. Rarely.
Why I want to join: Well.. Not to sound redundant but:
Be a part of something bigger than what I described about my former clan.
Make new friends, meet new people, do some fun shit.
.. You read the post.
Replays.. My replay folder is a mess. I don't want to know how many replays there are in there. Here's a semi-decent one, and I'm working on some others.

More on the way. Btw, sorry snake, my internet get's screwy when it rains sometimes.

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Matrixhj.rpl (63.1 KB, 150 views)
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Age: 18
Belt: Custom
Previous clans:No-Mercy
Reason to join: ~Why you want to join us?Because it seems to be a great clan and I would like to come by,:3
Replays:I formatted my computer,and lost all my replay's,but i can make ones '-'

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Nick: ~ Pr0f
Age: ~ 15
Belt: ~ Brown
Previous clans: ~ JollyA ( The academy )
Reason to join: ~ I love this clan! its chilled and friendly. i was ingame with snake and william today and had loads of fun!
Replays: ~ Attched

PS > Sorry its short i did a long 1 then my PC over heated so im tired now and i did a short 1 hope u understand!

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Master leg amp.rpl (74.0 KB, 32 views)
Profcap.rpl (52.0 KB, 14 views)
Messing Around with uke.rpl (35.9 KB, 14 views)
Pr0f slpit.rpl (59.8 KB, 7 views)
Run punch.rpl (106.9 KB, 10 views)
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Nick: ~Maldred
Age: ~19
Belt: ~ well... this account is brown.. but I use Maldret (6th dan)
Previous clans: ~
Reason to join: ~ cause I playd with some [fl0w] guys and they are really kewl ;p
Replays: ~ 1 replay I posted in replay thread ;p
I hope, u guys, remember me ;p

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Belt: 3 dan
Previous clans: hobo,epic, and element
Reason to join:this clan im in is really inactive so I want to join this one because your clan looks fun to be in and I played with some of your members.

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wushu stuff.rpl (77.0 KB, 18 views)
wushu with jeff.rpl (114.3 KB, 10 views)
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U better not take mah cookiez
Nick: Vodka
Age: 16
Belt: 5th dan
Previous clans:Secret, Piratez, Task Force, Tanith Elite, Sigma.
Reason to join: This clan is mostly about a good mod I've taken the liking to. There are nice people here and I would like to get to know some more.
Replays: Below

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Vodka - Big CB.rpl (90.7 KB, 78 views)
Vodka - wush impro.rpl (87.4 KB, 81 views)
Vodka - wush.rpl (90.5 KB, 31 views)
Vodka - Wushwush.rpl (77.8 KB, 28 views)
Vodka wush.rpl (87.9 KB, 28 views)
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Toribash TakeOVER
<Colossus> ROFL
<Colossus> my friend got hit by a car
<Colossus> gonna go visit him. brb

[22:45:46] <Thorn> I know she likes it in the ear
[22:45:53] <Thorn> because when I put it to her mouth she turns away
4th dan
I wish to communicate to normal people and master wushu Wushu is there somewhere - 2dms at 4:21

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