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[DOA] Official Duelers Organisation


Many of us enjoy money and duels. We love during and will never stop. Here, we are going to collect all duelers to know who is ready to fight in a 1 vs 1 battle. If you like to duel and wish to meet other duelers: JOIN



Kristis133/Riddles (duels from 10k - x)
CDSONIC01/kiidmuscle (duels from 1tc - 100k)

DropKick (duels from 1k - 15k)
Tman (duels from 1k - x)
SainTD (duels from 20k - 1kk)
s7ing (duels from 15k - 500k)
iRookie (duels from 10k - 50k)
onid2010 (duels from 100tc - 1k)
RKG (duels from 1k - 500k)
Elvis2 (duels from 1k - 10k)
Lynx (duels from 500tc - 10k)
iCo0n (duels from 1k - 30k)
Took (duels from 1k - 150k)
GiraFFus (duels from 3k - 80k)
clipsall (duels from 500tc - 15k)
Doc (duels from 1k - 40k)
snip3r109 (duels from 1tc - 10k)
Shmevin (duels from 500tc - x)
xfoxyx (duels from 100tc - 10k)
Natejas (duels from 1k - 150k)
LonelyMonkey (duels from 1tc - x)
Juhizz (duels from 500tc - 50k)
Dragonbreath (duels from 2k - 50k)
imapirate (duels from 1k - 100k)
szpadyzorm (duels from 500tc - 20k)
guyoliveirah (duels from 500tc - 4k)
Daxx (duels from 3k - 150k)
2010simoDK (duels from 500tc - 5k)
Joker (duels from 10k - x)
dge (duels from 50tc - x)
Datsick/bunt (duels from 500tc - 50k)
USB (duels from x - x)
PsyTrance (duels from 500tc - 50k)
Vog (duels from 500tc - 50k)
youngspray(duels from 1k - 40k)
ra (duels from 15k - 150k)
Meres (duels from 1tc - 200k)
Onda (duels from 2k - x)
Dead (duels from 10k - 300k)
adamant (duels from 15k - 1kk)
Delmor (duels from 10k - 2kk)
texatz (duels from 500tc - 10k)
Yammi (duels from 100tc - 50k)
Tay (duels from x - x)
Klux (duels from 100tc - 2k)
Devil (duels from 1k - 10k)


Mods you can duel:
When you can make duels / your timezone:
Duel price(min-max):

Originally Posted by Riddles View Post
Important announcement.

Okay so I think we need a place where we can all come together and chat not only on forums. Yes I am talking about Irc channel. So yeah, I've created one, I'm pretty sure Sorriso won't have anything against this.

If you use forums, you can join by clicking the link below.

If you use a client, simply join #DOA.



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ok here we go =)
name: damn i still need 100k for a namechange =P
belt: haning in closet
clan: fl0w ( greets to all me fl0wers out there !!!)
duel: wushu, but that depends on my personal mood i might try others as well if i feel for it
time: just look for me online, usualy at ultimate wushu or fl0w rooms
i challenge anyone at wushu3 preferable with a mid or big dojo and slightly more engagedistance so them shitty openers wont have efect =P ...
im not the richest 10th dan so i would like to duel at "some 100 tc" up to 1k if i feel good
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Name: Saint, bate
Belt: 9th dan
Clan: UssR
Mods: wushu, lenshu, aikido mods
Timezone: +3, Kyiv Ukraine. I can duel from 19:00 to 23:00
Min: 20k
Max: 1kk
Name: S7inG
Belt: 6th dan
Clan: DamneD
Mods: aikidobigdojo, wushu, lenshu
Timezone: +2, Kyiv Ukraine. I can dueling when I'm online this is my skype: reddevil777730 Pm me if you want to duel with me.. etc.
Min: 15k
Max: 500k
Belt:7th dan
Mods you can duel: abd, ninjutsu, lenshu, rk_mma, rb_mma. and others maybe.
When you can make duels / your timezone: +2 gmt if i'm not online pm me ;)
Duel price(min-max):
Min: 1k.
Max: everything i got.
Name: DropKick, Shane
Belt: 10th dan
Clan: [JollyR]
Mods you can duel: AikidoBD, Taekkyon, kickbox
When you can make duels / your timezone: GMT -8
Duel price(min-max): 1k-15k (for now, I'm poor D: )
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I respect...
Name: iRookie, Edward.
Belt: 10th dan
Clan: Hehehehe no clan ;)
Mods you can duel: AikidoBD, Aikido
When you can make duels / your timezone: GMT -7 All day long
Duel price(min-max): 10k-50k
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I'm duelling from 10k - What I have.
Depands from opponent ofc.
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Name: Elvis
Belt: 3rd dan
Clan: Corrupted Waffles
Mods you can duel: Aikidobigdojo mostly
When you can make duels / your timezone: When I have the tc or if the opportunity presents itself. GMT is 0:00
Duel price(min-max):1k-10k
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8:21 PM <duck> I'll touch your market all over

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Name: RKG

Custom belt


Mods you can duel:
Aikidobd, taekkyon, kickbox, wushu, brushu, etc

When you can make duels / your timezone:
-5 and all week

Duel price(min-max):
1k to 500k.
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