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Death9535's crappy death thread....
Hey guy's I have been trying to improve my skill since the last replay thread I posted a long time ago. Cnc please.

If you post here I will cnc in your replay thread.
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Madman 5:
Opener looked pretty cool, the punch looked weak and didn't aim that good for me.
The kick was very strong and cool, kinda liked it.
The next hit was weak cuz you extend your knee too fast, maybe i can edit it for you.
And the spin was fast and cool.

That spar was pretty cool and you got nice balance.

*requesting cnc bro?
"People become stronger cause there are memories they won't forget."
Well, pretty good spar.
Your movement was relaxed and pretty smooth, that's what I like from spar.
But there're some parts that looked messy and brawl.
And the ending could be more clear maybe?
"People become stronger cause there are memories they won't forget."
The spar was allright but nothing stood out and it was a bit slow.
Fixing that dodge near the end might be better.
Also while sparring, you should act faster to excite the viewer.
That replay was quite beautiful in my opinion.

The opening "Hop" was a bit weird, but the spin was nice and that punch.. Dayum.
well, opener was looked cool for me but then you jump and kill your spin speed.
the split punch was really powerful, liked it a lot.
The next hit was cool, pretty clean but it looked too weak.
Pose was ok, could be done better though.

well, nice one Death.
"People become stronger cause there are memories they won't forget."
Come on guys I need more then 2 reply's every time I put up a replay....

edit: nevermind hopefully a lot of people reply after this replay :P
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