Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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xlr's Parkour and Freerunning
These replays suck, move on to the latest ones xD
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xlr parkour.rpl (412.0 KB, 946 views)
parkour_dream_b.tbm (25.1 KB, 548 views)
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Swexx is an inspiration to make sparring and parkour replays
Here's one I made, I thought of trying to do something different...also: while trying to climb the beam thingy, I accidentally pressed grab while trying to ajdust my wrist...i didn't realise it but luckily I noticed it after 1 frame,'ll hear a grabsound while I'm climbing....also...CnC Please And Enjoy!!
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parkour_city_prt2.tbm (23.2 KB, 309 views)
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Me doing parkour-dream.tbm, managed to finish the course in just less than 1000 frames
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xlr parkour dream come true.rpl (361.4 KB, 363 views)
parkour-dream.tbm (18.6 KB, 221 views)
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Post mods too.. I think even half of people who downloads one of these replays doesn't have mods of they.

post them please

Thanks Muun for the heads up, I've added the mod to their respective replays.

Here is also the latest Parkour I did:
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r_rooftops-v2.tbm (13.6 KB, 284 views)
xlr parkour rooftop.rpl (410.7 KB, 325 views)