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[ORMO] UkeLove

One word
Frees us of all the weight and pain of life:
That word is LOVE

Hello and welcome to the new ORMO replaymaking competition: UkeLove!

Everybody wants love, and so does Uke... Your task is simple- provide this amazing feeling to him in your awesome replay. It is up to you which aspect of love will your replay show- it can be either a realistic date with lots of hugs 'n kisses or a madman presenting the unavoidable connection between love and pain. Be creative, unique, stylish and always remember- DETAILS MATTER!
Each replay will be judged on creativity, style, technique, realism and general cuteness (your task is to provide love, and your replay must clearly show it- make it somehow kawaii; however, it is an ORMO event and your replaymaking skill will be important factor).

If you don't know how to show your love, please download the attachment from this post: it is epic replay by zeto that was the inspiration for this event. It is a good example of showing adoration by holding their hands at the end of replay <3

- This contest is all about romantic love. Please, don't do anything naughty like imitating copulation!
- Single player replays only
- Mod is classic.tbm, you are allowed to change game rules
- Replay hacking is not allowed (except adding some emotes)
- People stealing replays will be disqualified and banned from future ORMO events
- No pre-made entries
- You are allowed to post only ONE entry and edit it as many times as you want (before deadline, of course). If you change your entry, please delete old attachment. It makes judging way easier.

1st: Dragon force + Shiai Token x3 + 20000 ToriCredits
2nd: Dragon relax + Shiai Token x1 + 10000 ToriCredits

Special thanks to GameMasters for providing Shiai Tokens & help with transferring prizes and ishi for donating 20k!

Judges: Thrandir, zeto.

If you have any questions related to this event, feel free to post it here or shoot me a PM!

Deadline will be 7th June, 20:00 GMT, winners should be announced within a week.

Good luck, have fun and spread love all!

Sponsors: ishi, Thrandir,
If you want to sponsor additional prize, PM me!
Banner by JtanK, thank you!
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my 1st go at postin .rpls
I usually don't do much singleplayer -i just left the setting standard -

--------- a lil story to go with it-----------
uke cares little for the affections of the goat.
that was little.
ty fun comp.
-------------------- rlp is rated NVE (non violent erotica)
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Judges.. Try not to cry. Pshh
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-Ermac begotten soul - begotten ninja @KillshiftGamers-Parkour/Spar forever-[Origin] my story has just begun
Made this in 15 minutes, so ye.
Might change it later if I can feel bothered.
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