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Toribash Basic Punch with Karrie

This is how you punch your opponents in Toribash, demonstrated by Karrie.
Feel free to spread your love.

best youtube comment ever

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Nice punch Karrie, That's a lovely punch by Hampa y'know. I will spread my love.
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really nice initiative, but i would suggest to pre-record ingame video and then do a voice commentary over it to avoid pauses in tutorial to make it more compact and filled with information. +it's rather easy to produce it like that instead of trying to make it in one take.
anyway, nice initiative BUT additional text captions on what is being said would be helpfull.
the way i recommend you to do it:
1) record gameplay first
2) write down your commentary for each piece of video.
3) record voice/webcam for each part of video individually instead of doing it in one take (this will save you insane amount of time, i guarantee, because i tried both ways)
4) add captions in video from commentary you've written.

considering that you already have a female doing tutorials it should be fail-safe, but it can always be better.
I saw the comments XD Made me laugh

That was a... really really basic tutorial ._.

Toribash will become the next big thang :o
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