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Be water, my friend.
I'm back, with a new replay! I decided not to continue my old thread, from the simple fact that the thread was named "Water's new and official permanent replay thread".

CnC or replies are welcomed.
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#Water - Lying Truth.rpl (68.3 KB, 150 views)
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I found it really challenging to move my tori quickly after the split. Anyways, enjoy.
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#Water - Drill.rpl (178.4 KB, 82 views)
Damn nice man. The split kick was pretty smooth, the decap was a bit below par, but yeah. The leg DM was kinda unnecessary though, I would have stopped after the decap.

Overall, nice flow and everything.
Heart of Gold
Lead up to the split was nice, good flow, nice spins.
Split was clean, I enjoyed it.
I like how you then made your way to his head with your arm, but you could of contracted your elbow so that your hand dismembers the head, not your elbow.
The next spin was nice and had good speed, but then the kick sort of ruined it, it was too stiff and didn't do much damage.

It sort of looks like you were going to stop the replay after the decap, but then pushed on.
father of philip scone
Yeah, that decap is allot nicer then the previous one.
I like how you mind fucked us to think you were going to use your left leg to decap.
Transition into the land was smooth, as always, but once you were on your feet you sort of forced your arms, it just didn't look good.
Overall, interesting replay, considering adding to to my replay directory.
father of philip scone