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So I climbed Mount Ruapehu the other day. We were hoping to get above the clouds but wasn't the right day for it. This a photo of one of the craters at the top.

Full size photo is on flickr:

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Added a few new photos to flickr since I last posted here:

Finally found a place with an okay view for a gigapixel. I've been meaning to do this for a while now.

Photos: 93
Resolution: 68561x15976

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I agree with Scorpio. The first two are just beautiful and so is the last one. Good job, keep them coming!
i think the photo with the insect would have been better if centered
~edit srry looked again you did i just didnt scroll to the right
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Every body praise this man
Rumour is my bae for lyf
How did you make 2nd photo on such height?
I can imagine only one way


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Thats pretty great Fish

Must have put a lot of effort into taking those pictures, and I believe it paid off.
1st looks really good, has a good composition and interesting motive, seems like you got really lucky with the placement of the bird, right in front of the rainbow and breaking the line of the horizon as well! well done.
2nd picture is interesting because of the bird, but the picture in itself is not very good, you managed to keep the bird sharp which is nice, but the composition is not very good seeing as the bird is dead center in the image.
3rd picture is nothing special, I've seen a million of garden images and this is neither interesting or very well composited.
4th image is very well done, good composition, nice depth and colors (looks like its fixed in post)
5th image, again nothing special. Nice that you experiment with depth of field.
6th image would be waaaaay better if you didn't include the docks at the bottom left. Still nothing special.

as far as the panorama shots goes there are a lot of good images in there, you might find it easier to get even better images if you shoot at dawn/sunset.
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Nice images all round, but, the thing I'm curious to know is, where are the fish pictures?
[19:59] <Lazors> man it's a good thing people don't see what i write here
i love the one of just the flower
if the flower wasn't the only clear thing, can't think of the word, it would be perfect
also that bird one is photoshopped, rainbows aren't real 9/10 for effort
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