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Hey, you. Yes, YOU !
Welcome to the Aikido Team's application board!
Before you continue should understand our philosophy and what we're about.

[TA] Philosophy

If you favor shoveling, liftkicking, or lifts then THEN THIS ORG IS NOT FOR YOU.
These are lame tactics. We practice these only to learn the counters.
If you wish to see your name on our member list THEN THIS ORG IS NOT FOR YOU.
We do not keep a member list but you may earn your spot in Tiers.

Keep in mind this application process is long and is meant to weed out the pretenders.
You will be accepted if the council is convinced you uphold 3 traits:

1. You are at least a black belt.
2. You possess the fundamental skills necessary to learn what we teach.
3. You will be a continuously active member of our organization.

To Apply to Team Aikido you will post in our Discord applications channel, do the Following.

Part 1: Copy, Paste, and Complete the App Form in: DISCORD APPLICATIONS CHANNEL:
If you do not complete Part 2 IMMEDIATELY after posting your app, your app will be deleted!

Main Account Name: 
Current Belt: 
Clan History:
How I Rate My Aikido Skills from 1 to 5 (5 is best): 
Describe My Aikido Play Style (3-5 sentences):
Why I Want to Join Team Aikido (3-5 sentences):

Type an X in brackets if you agree to the following:
[] I have reviewed Team Aikido's Knowledge Base and reached a basic understanding of Aikido Principles and Techniques. 
[] I agree that if accepted, I will be an active and contributing member of Team Aikido through posting in Chat, Replay, and Knowledge Base threads.
[] I agree as a new member, I will read the Original Post of each thread before posting in that thread.
[] I agree to represent the Aikido Team in the Toribash community, and to never shovel in a competitive multiplayer match, duel, or tourney.

Sign Here:
Part 2: Immediately Copy/Pase/Attach FOUR (4) Replays Each Demonstrating What Is Listed Below
(Must be MULTIPLAYER 'kido related matches)
(Must be clearly labeled OR given description in app)

1 replay of you Decap'ing your opponent.
1 replay of you clearly countering your opponent's attack or coming back from a bad position

2 replays demonstrating a technique from the [TA] technique library (see knowledge base).
(Each must be two DIFFERENT [TA] techniques, not the same technique twice.) 
1 replay of you defeating a TA council member or leader. (See Council list).
(If you can do this, 4th replay can be whatever you want.)
Part 3 (OPTIONAL): Complete in-game Skill Test
If you desire, you may pursue a Team Aikido leader or council member in game and request that they test you abilities.
They will then post a summary of the session with replays in the council to be reviewed.
List of Team Aikido leaders and council members here.

And last but not least: Be patient, don't insist asking about your application, you just need votes. We have lives, we can't make decisions instantly.
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Hello, [TA].

My name is Gabriel and my IGN is WaterBolt, I'm 16 years old and my GMT is -3:00 (currently it's -2:00, because it's BRST - Brasilia Summer Time). I live in São Paulo, Brazil. I have been playing Toribash and "aikido.tbm" since 2011.

In the beginning, Aikido wasn't my favorite mod - in fact it was "judo.tbm" - but with time, aikido started to get my attention, mainly because of its striking resemblance with IRL's judo. Immobilizations, throws, winning with style, etc. Aikido really asked for the player's skill and technique.

Obviously, when I started, I couldn't do most of the things I mentioned above.
I just executed the basic "judo.tbm" openers and managed to push my opponent out of the dojo. I did It for quite a while, until I really stopped playing TB.

Annnd, after a certain while I came back and used to play "Aikido" and "Aikido7" only. My cousin, Lukas2303, was trained by one of the "bushido-style" pioneers in Brazil: Felipao/Felipa. They were able to execute the moves fluidly, perfectly. The semi-throws, full-throws, blocks, the style and of course, the fairplay.

I used to play with them daily and quickly adapted myself to this play-style. Although I had some difficulty in executing the throws, I was pretty good at aikido. I kept the bushido-style for a while, until I had another break. Came back in 2014 and noticed that my good ol' style wouldn't work anymore and I was losing easily.

I started to use offensive tactics, hitting with the knee, localized kicks (no snapkicks, lifts, etc. I rarely use these moves), rotating way more, trying to move faster and seeking some dismemberments. I still play like this, but sometimes I play in a defensive tactic, trying to predict my opponent's move.

My aikido's favorite variation is ABD - Aikido Big Dojo - because I believe that in this mod I have way more freedom to do play offensively, besides I have a larger space to execute several moves. When I play the tradictional Aikido, I seek to immobilize and throw my opponent down quickly. In the other hand, I have no experience in "greykido.tbm". Today, the only mods I play are "aikido.tbm" and "aikidobigdojo.tbm".

I'm able to counter some moves like shovels and snapkicks (I'm improving my snapkick defense after I read iver's "Uchi Mata Tutorial"), I have greater difficulty countering llifts.
Also, I really enjoy saving.

I seek to join The Aikido Team to learn and improve my skills, because I know I have a lot to learn and to meet & play with other aikido lovers. I can help, mainly, with forum and IRC activity (I rate my activity 10/10, 'cause whenever I'm using the PC, I'm on the forums and on IRC), with some ideas and proposals. I'd rate my in-game activity 8/10. I play on my free time.

Here is my usercard:

There are three replays attached to the post. Thank you in advance.

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That was really bad sorry.
Someone tell me why this guy is highly respected by some people ???
Alright, so hi.

I am noob.

I joined back in 2009 with my first account and Aikido was the first mod I played. Our relationship has had ups and downs but I can honestly say that even after 5 years this mod is still the love of my life.

I first started with lifting and shoveling, I still lift now but only for shits and giggles. When I play serious to show skill, I usually stick low to the ground and attempt to keep control of my opponent. Usually by using wrists, the neck, ankles and every other joint obviously. I like going for close slam suplexes, in which I flip my opponent not high so that he is flying out of the dojo but close to my body and trying to force a dq.

As for replays, I don't have any. I have never gotten into the habbit of saving a replay after a play looks good or what not.

Though I will post the replays if I get tested.
Waterbolt has my yes. Nice app, neat replays, I know his playstyle. Ye

Noob got a nice app but I need to see him playing, so we're gonna play later.
When any of you guys are up to play just shoot me a pm.

Till then, I will try to get replays that are good enough to show here.

I want the replays to be great and in order to do that I have to be a bit strict on my self to provide them for you.
One question, does greykido count as a variant. I think the answer is obviously yes but I want to make sure here before I post replays these two replays I got.
I vote yes for waterbolt. Those were some nice replays. And noob has my vote as well.

Edit: Him being a great lifter... hmm... lemme rethink this

Edit 2: I say no
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i am a bird now - Lil B

I think waterbolt should be accepted, and noob / aviant / avatar / dark / bugsi / xec is a great lifter and should also be accepted!