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[Evil] Applications

Things to know (as of 2019):
- We're an old clan, we're not very active atm.
- We have a lot of pride being in Evil. Many great people were/are in this clan.
- We're older, the average age of our members is 20+ years old.

How to join
If you want to join Evil, contact Goat or Tertywerty. We will ask you a few questions before you become Trial.
To become a full member, you just have to stick around for a while.
- No alts allowed.
- Read the Evil Code.

There is no formal application to join.
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Hello Evil People^^

My name is Slypigeon, but my real name is Mikhail and im 16. I am posting this application because i want to join [Evil]. I can say i "fell in love" with your community.

I have been in two clans which is Ghetto & KnC, I left KnC as i have some personal problems and i was inactive. About Ghetto, well, its kinda dead so i left. Then, I came across this "Evil" clan and so I decided to write an application^^

Hmm, I'm quite active ingame and especially for forum activity, I don't use irc but since u said so, i would use it more often. I've not been ban before because im a good kid ^_^. Best mods? I should say sparring, ABD, judo and boxshu. I also duel often

How i act in a game? Well.. Im quite humble and always show good sportsmanship to my oppenents even if I lose or win, I tend to be helpful and often give people tc if they REALLY need it. I'm also very friendly^^

A little bit of myself, I represent my highschool soccer team, and i play right midfield!! my hobby is drawing and ball sports.

The reason why i wanted to join u guys it because is because i want to experience what family is to u guys, I haven't met someone from [evil] but im predicting that u guys are cool and friendly.

So yea thats the end of my appliction, Thank you for reading this^^

I hope u guys accept my as an [evil] person?
I am Evil
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Add me on kik:Senpaimike :D
"I'm quite active ingame and especially for forum activity"

I can see you're active in game but 2/3 posts per month doesn't really scream active. I'm going to stay Neutral for now.
Will i need to remake my app?
(I am Evil.)

You won't have to recreate an application.
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For the record, any dickwad who thinks it's cool to apply to Evil but also apply to every other official clan, will be on my personal blacklist.

I like this clan, and it has great quality. Don't even think about attempting to ruin it.
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no to slypigeon


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guys what about chapa3?


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apologies for bringing it up but i believe that the pm system is broken on my phone. in response to apex's pm: yes, they were members.

didnt know where else to say this.
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