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[S] Steam Keys
Selling the steam keys to these games for TC and USD. Make me an offer. PM or Post.

Of Orcs And Men - $29.99 on Steam
It came from space, and ate our brains - $9.99 on Steam
Super Motherload - $14.99 on Steam
Merchants of Kaidan - $14.99 on Steam
The Original Strife: Veteran Edition - $9.99 on Steam
Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey - $7.99 on Steam
Spark Rising - $9.99 on Steam
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Just to inform others: all of these games were a part of a bundle a month ago or so. It was $5 and if you look for them, you can probably find them all for a price of $10 or so
He is correct about them being in a bundle. I'm not sure about being able to find them all that cheaply though. I'm not wanting that much for them.