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Tsuion's Parkour Dump
fuck the title

its spars and parkours from now on
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tsu tsu cuckoo
Nice man! I didn't know you were good at Pk. Movements good constant pace good running. the only nitpick thing I see is when you roll your knee suddenly contracts. that's it. Gj man I like et
Okay so, contrarely to what you say about everything else:
You're parkour is incredibly stiff. However it flows so it pretty much makes up for it.

In your running you tend to use your glutes, it's a problem because it's not that smooth so your tori twitches from side to side. And the arms... Don't lift them... Ever if they're that extended. It looks bad and it especially doesn't work for the glute thing.

The roll was decent, the knee could of be slower like Static said. the jump wasn't that realistic seeing as you ended it with your arms in front of you. That jump/wall run was, well, I have no fucking clue. It just didn't work. It's too fast for the slow paced replay .
so what do you relax in your replays rune?

telling me that im stiff is somewhat helpful and all but i'd like to know what you try and do in your parkour replays.

ive been on vacation all week, so here's an unfinished pk rpl]

the grabs were just added on, will probably take them out
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There r some twitchy things during the final part of the run and the first jump,I guess that's because u move to many joints in 3,4 frames during held body.
on the start (second jump) i didn't like how did you lowered only 1 arm then everything went good but the grab on the finall :s
Aadame:I'm very signaturable
It's just no one usues my shit .

yeah so im going to post spars/sparkours here as well

i know ive been innactive, sorry i have a lack of inspiration :cc

this one is pretty cool though, so i hope it makes up for my absence

(there's some glitches in there. dunno why)
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Can't look at the replay because my computer is fucked up to oblivion but for inspiration my friend told me the red bull art of motion(parkour event) just ended so you could use some of that
guess i can go ahead and post this since the sp cup deadline is pretty much here

if you're a judge wait until after tomorrow (o and be careful because posts may reveal what replay is mine)

opt the bruise + grip to 0
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