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Gekiz00 replay thread!! :)
Ok so this is my new replay thread

i'll post mostly tricking/parkour/madman and sometimes some replay hacking

CnCs are appreciated!
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gekiz trick_23!.rpl (256.5 KB, 44 views)
gekiz trick_19!.rpl (279.6 KB, 26 views)
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Mica facile trovare persone che postano eh?

Btw nice replays u just need to know where to do corks and where not for example those replays contains only corks and a lot of them.
thanks nic
i love corks XD
well there's another replay, this one is a parkour test for my new mod
don't forget to check it out ---->
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gekiz urban parkour.rpl (877.6 KB, 20 views)
gekiz_urban_parkour.tbm (9.2 KB, 16 views)
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The opener is orrible (was twitchy,too stiff and generic).
I'm not a fan of the 2 grab dms but meh they r acceptable.
The other dms are spectacular,the last one was pretty insane.
Pose was cool too.
Gj ;)
you show a lot of potential, but you really need to work on smoothing your moves out and holding a lot less. youre replays generally look nice, but the only thing thats holding them back from being great is some twitchy and a lot of stiffness. work on those two things, and youll be a nice replay maker.
thanks guys for your comments

Nic: i know...openers are not my best but i worked on the boomits.
as you may know madman replays are not my speciality but i tried to do my best

Nate: thanks man, it's an honor for me to know your opinion about my replays
i understan what you're saying...i'll surely try to be smoother and less stiff.

thanks again.
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