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fake n gay
this first replay is dumb like you so i deleted it i didnt know -30 grav existed
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Okay that was cool

The split was pretty nice, no complaints there. The decap was really... insignificant. I can't really even say whether it was good or bad, it was just anticlimactic. Although, it did cause a small hiccup in your movements/momentum which is never fun.

Those last two kicks were hecking great, do more stuff like that. The torso boom especially was just cool
Shift: 720 - 620 was ugly asf. First at around 660, you jumped and I mean I thought that was momentum but it looked like you were just sitting still, and you held on to ukes legs way longer then you needed to. But 660 thru 620 you looked so stiff. I saw you just sitting there in the air, and it just looked kinda weird

Edit: Worst cnc explaining ever. Ill do better this time

So at around 720 you jumped into the air and grabbed his legs. First kick was pretty good, but then you sat there for like 60 frames just hanging in the air being stiff. The actual second kick was good, but the setup to it looked so stiff. By the way all of that was for the frames inbetween 700 - 600.
i suck