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Original Post
dank replays ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
opened new thread bc name change and less bad replays.

ultra is a wip
[T] = Tricking
[C] = Collaboration
[MM] = Mad Man
[W] = Weird
[PK] = Parkour
[S]= skateboarding
[P]= payment
[H] hacked

NEW payment, sending me items or tc i will make a replay it can be tricking mad man replay hacking ext, more the tc/item prices more clean and fluid the replays. you can choose the name for the replay or i will put your name instead of uke.
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[T] Magic.rpl (416.8 KB, 125 views)
[T] gum drop buttons.rpl (366.3 KB, 88 views)
[MM] Ultra.rpl (288.7 KB, 90 views)
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opener was really really relaxed and not good enough
the cheat jacknife thing was good
that other thing looked like a mess up
the other 2 tricks looked pretty bad because of the 1 arm raising (try rasing both)
rest was good

Gum drop Button:
much better
opener was good but i wish you didn't get pushed sideward
backfull and cork were good
the 1arm raising looked good at the next trick but not for the one after
flash switch was fine

Ultra:nothing much to say
opener was simple af
manip was dope
first hit was good
rest idk...

overall this replays were interesting to watch but still needing a bit more work
Omg I did a mad man? booms? cnc please
fixed the glitching
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[MM] Stir Fry.rpl (217.2 KB, 52 views)
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first hit was nice but from how much speed u generated p sure it could have been bigger or have used less speed and look a bit less awkward
2nd it would have been ok but from the side you did it from (going through the arm) it gave you some glitching which could have been avoided with some better grab placement
also the 2nd boom was good but it could have been a bit more exaggerated
“Aaah rum zum zum aaah rum zum zum booly booly booly booly booly rum zum zum”