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Dark vs Light - Comic thread
Somewhere between 2011 and 2012 there was an event made by Nblx called Dark vs Light.
It was so huge and popular, and was very thematic that the moment I read the introduction story of it I wanted to contribute somehow, engaged in it.
So, I came up with an idea to make a comic that will depict the key players of the event and follow them through their fights in the two opposite leagues, the league of the Light and the league of the Dark.

Problem was, I was slow in execution, so I would fall behind drawing the stuff and thinking how to represent the fights. Nblx provided replays for me, but due to not so good communication, I had problems to track who was from what league, and setting replays in the correct time frame had to be done in this way:
I would go through posts on the event page and then track each player and result, then go to dir with replays that Nbx would sent to me, of fights that were finished, and try to find a correct replay for the correct player... And some of them were re-named... Lol, it was a nightmare.

Sometime during the event forum database was deleted. It was a mess. And, although some things were brought back and event was continued, I couldn't pick up the threads of the story. Also, due to immense time needed to draw all that stuff I was so behind that I just... Gave up in the end.

This is the product of that (not so) glory past of mine.

Most of the people from the comic are not around anymore, but if you find those that were, and if you ask them: ''Where were you during the Dark vs Light event"
They will not answer you: ''I was shoveling shit in Louisiana'', but they will tell you instead: ''I was fighting fights of my life, and Bojan immortalized me in his comic...'' :}

And this is where the comic ends. There was a sketch for the next page were they land on the air ship and continue fighting there until the guy from Piratez fall to his probable doom... That page was never drawn sadly.
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Its amaizing
And the volume of work. I dont even wanna think if made all 36 fights lol.
Ps. The temple of light looks like huge dildo )
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Every character in the comic is someone from the community that was around during that time. I actually dl ppl tories and draw as best I could so they look as their sets.

During the intro you can see Powas in one shot. ;> Also, lots of ppl from Piratez, like Gravy...

During the fight between Akumabeast and Abel, when Abel says: ''I know you, we fought before.'' It is homage to their forum squabble and in-game duels.

Fight between Lexx and Pntdexter was short on purpose. If I remember correctly, it is done in that way because in the replay both players were jumping around each other the whole fight until Lexx grazed the Pntdexter and won by some mediocre point value. Pntdexter was pissed about it on the event pages, that's why he is also pissed in the comic, calling Lexx cheater.

Irmantax was an alt of Dark Samurai, and for a time he was a god in wushu with his improvisations and comebacks, so I kinda hoped he will go through preliminary fights. But he lost first fight (he would have a chance to comeback in other fights during the event), but he was pissed about it, was pissed on how the event was conducted and left the event... That's why his fight doesn't have a resolution and ends ambiguously. I wanted to honor him even though he was a drama-bitch sometimes.

Tripstone had an idea of the Super-unknown. It would have been a spin-off story... Sadly, never happened.

Dex did push his opponent out of the ring and it was a stroke of luck for him since he was losing on points. It was funny to watch and was great opening fight for the comic.

Some trivia. :}

Also, I wasn't planning to draw all 35 fights. Nope. I would just drew few from each rounds. Able's fight was the last one of the first round.

Btw, spoilers: Darkness won! I think Lexx was the champion.
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I still have some of the replays. If I would knew their timeline and who was from which league I would be able to continue the comic... I think... Maybe their sets are still in database.
It is a big 'IF'...
I love it. From my point of view it's not just talent.. you're a master. No matter if you ever visited a artschool or not. But as usual a master wouldn't call himself a master. ;)