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How to punch
A punch tutorial

1. Use camera keys (WASD or arrows) to position camera behind player

As any seasoned boxer (or bar fighter) will tell you. Boxing is more about upperbody rotation than using the actual arms. So we set rotation to the chest add rotational force to it.
2. Mouse over the chest joint and hit 'Z' to set rotational force.

3. Click the right hip joint to put it in hold state so we counter the rotational force. (make him stand up a bit more).

4. Hit SPACE and step the game a bit

The hand should now be close to the head. Add some force to the right elbow for a final blow.

5. Mouse over left elbow joint and hit 'Z' to contract it.

6. The punch is done. Hit SPACE couple of more times then watch the replay.

Re: How to punch
I love punching, espically when you mange to knock of someones head :o
don't unban, he has hard coded userid bypasses everywhere.
Re: How to punch
Eh....I follow the directions exactly as they say, and yet I am still not able to punch somebody in the face without falling over completely...help?
Re: How to punch
It's difficult to not fall after punching someone in the head or upper body, so after puching I use the other hand to grab onto them and take them down minus one arm.
Re: How to punch
Great Tutorial... but punching hasn't really worked for me... I just like torso rips instead of punching.