never been one to cnc movement replays since I don't dabble with it, but I could tell you carried the momentum through which and it looked smooth once you got into it

the leg thing at the beginning was a bit off putting tho
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Your movement from frames 500-300 is incredible. Not only your movement, but how you move uke aswell. I especially love the move @344-300 - it's so damn satisfying to watch. That said, the following bits are pretty lackluster. Allowing uke's hand to crash into you effectively killed the momentum you built up with that sexy ukespin, removing the possibility of a big ol' combo. During this collision, you seem to have lost your momentum as well. This all could have been avoided if you had refrained from raising your leg in frames 283-265, for it completely altered uke's momentum directly into you. Using a left hook to send him spinning into position for the kick was a cool idea, but again altered ukes momentum just a bit too much, slowing you both down. I feel like from the angle you decapped uke, you could have easily done a sweet boom instead.

With all the cnc out of the way, I thought this replay was fuckin GOOD for a new(er) ukebasher. Incredible progress, keep up the good stuff!
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The manipulation was very cool, despite moving uke in a few different directions with the hits it looked cohesive, I wished it was longer or continued after the first dm. You were in a good position to continue too, but it is fine as is. When Uke started coming toward you before you decap him it put you in a weird position and his body rubbed on your legs and arm right before the decap, it worked out in this case as you pulled off the kick but I wonder if you didn't keep your legs so extended could you have managed to stay closer to the ground and position yourself better for something more impressive?
oh yeah
my goodness your movements are amazing.
good to see more new bloods coming through with sick ass replays.
my first somewhat long tricking replay, the title says it all
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i don't know anything about tricking, but i can tell a new replaymaker from an experienced one.
how have i never heard of you.
happy to see a fellow trickster out here in the wild

the jackknife was really good, but i feel like you extended your kicking leg just a bit too far
after the cheat 900 the replay just kinda loses spice, the jump to scoot was lacking spin, the scoot felt really forced and the cork was stiff, but none of those can degrade that really good looking jackknife

you made me obsessed with a trick how dare you
also what toad said, how tf are you not well known
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