Head Texture of the Month: Cube Head
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Wizard's Buying Megathread
Hi, I am buying items with TC!

TC: 29,332TC
QI: 12491
or just check my account here

Items I prefer:
  • High tier forces/relaxes
  • Full body textures
  • Popular 3D items
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I’d list items for you but I got a lot. Check my deac page 2. The sets I got 3d objects/full stone lvl 2

How much for the full 218 body + Quicksilver relax?

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dark grey beanie

Got a price in mind?
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Check my deact

How much for the icons?
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Interested in Head Hunter Strap LVL 2?

No thanks
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Would you be interested in my color packs for quite the discount?
Pickled is alright
And fresh is quite a delight
I got an icon, demon relax, and static relax
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Infracted for being too damn sexy