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Toribash Town Hall 2020


The Toribash Town Hall is a 3 Day discord event hosted by a Toribash Collective/Union called Team Unity.

This collective is comprised of the clan Senshi, 4bst4ct, and the org NG. The motivation and goal of this collective is to promote creativity, growth, collaboration, expansion, and evolution of the current community. We're all replay makers (pk, tricking, sparring, etc.) though so it may take a bias towards that play style.


Toribash Town hall will be a temporary discord server. Within the server will be a series of channels ranging from community, admins, gameplays, modding, etc. (on both tb and tbn) and within we'll have discussion with the community on these topics as they currently are, were, and can be.

Me and DanGeRG will also be active in the voice chat channel having discussions with any and all who'd like to speak with us!

Why is it?

We've come together to do this Town Hall because we believe there are tons of unheard voices in the community that deserve a platform to be voiced! We all want this game to grow and be the best It can be, and we believe creating a forum for this kind of discussion to be had could greatly benefit the community!

When is it?

Oct 23rd -
Friday morning ( -5 GMT EAST COAST US )

and will go until Sunday night. Oct 25th.

Tomorrow (Thursday October 22nd)
Invites will be released into the community.
Upon arrival you'll be muted until Friday.

Show up and be heard C:

for more info: PM
Matarika#5297 on discord.

Howdy, I'm Mod Squad & The Social Media Manager @ Nabi Studios , if you have any modding or social media questions PM me or DM me on Discord: Matarika#5297
I will be the president.
Message me for texture requests! Discord - aaaa4#0974