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Toribash 5.53
Toribash 5.53 is now available on Steam!
This update features Marketplace, 3/4 player support for Free Play, GUI improvements, bug fixes and more!

Get Toribash on Steam:

Standalone downloads:

What's new in Toribash 5.53

  • In-game Market

    Game market uses the same foundation as Marketplace - this means you can trade items with other players, get stuff for a lower price than in game store and potentially even buy exclusive items you wouldn't be able to purchase otherwise.

    Aside from basic trading, new market allows you to quickly see your general stats in order to fully enjoy your PROFIT and set up shops with custom names with descriptions for a more personal feel!

    For more information about Toribash market, see Marketplace release thread.

  • 3 and 4 player support in Free Play

    Boot up any mod, open gamerules menu (CTRL + G), change num players to 3 or 4 and boom, it just works!
    Huge thanks to Crollex and Accelerator for making male and female versions of new characters' head textures.

  • Other updates

    • Account tab has been removed from main menu's navigation bar and is now accessible by clicking "Account" tab in top right bar
    • Added customizable GUI scaling (accessible from Graphics tab in Settings)
    • Added folder choice dropdown in replay save menu as per Shogunna's suggestion
    • Added customizable opacity for replacement joint 3D items
    • Inventory data is now cached to improve load speed on big inventories
    • Added information title on system confirmation boxes (buying item, unlocking pack etc)
    • Game will now load a random replay from one of default folders on startup
    • Pressing F to save replay will no longer display temporary replay file name as current fight name
    • Re-saving an active replay will no longer modify replay players
    • Game now uses default system cursor to make sure it's reasonably scaled
    • Changed pre_draw lua hook behavior to work in any game mode
    • Reduced comic effects display duration by 33%
    • Lua UIElement input fields now properly handle Caps Lock
    • Improved Lua UIElement text drawing performance
    • Added rounded corners on main GUI elements
    • Added new graphical assets

  • Bug fixes

    • Fixed bug with file browser not opening on Windows
    • Fixed -1 notifications bug
    • Fixed bug with resolution being too high when current screen resolution is lower than max supported
    • Fixed some possible replay cache generator crashes and made it keep more stable fps while working
    • Fixed bug with spectator info dropdown always showing roles for the first spectator
    • Fixed bug with quests data not updating while in multiplayer
    • Fixed bug with confirmation screen's buttons sometimes getting cut on sides due to being too wide
    • Fixed bug with replays with capitalized symbols in filename not opening on Linux
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awesome, thank you for your work sir.

can we name the fourth player instead of it being something random? i think "shu" would be cool because it the last letters of the original mods, or maybe "shi/yon" four in Japanese.
That's awesome this feature is being brought back into Toribash. I remember when it was only possible back when Toribash was still cel-shaded.
Any ideas on if it will ever be available in multiplayer?
Maybe as for uke and tori could be added focused camera (6-7).Buttons 8 and 9 are free, could be suitable for nage and p4 cameras.
Standalone installers have been updated to support new multiplayer servers.
Make sure you redownload and reinstall - all older clients are no longer supported if you want to play online.