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Reports: All about filing a Report
Feel like there's something you might want to report?

We here at the Toribash Community try to ensure a fun & enjoyable environment for players, new and old alike, to indulge in. However, there may be cases where members of the community are observed to break rules, ultimately resulting in your having a bad experience. This is where you allow the staff to handle the situation, so you can continue playing this beautiful game.

Q: What is a report?
A report is you filing a documentable record including evidence of any violation, scams or unfair treatment that has taken place within the Toribash Community. This may occur, in-game, on the forums or any official Toribash platform.

Prior to filing a report, you should read the >general forum rules< and the >Toribash Global rules<.
Please do not make a report if no rules have been violated. If you are unsure, reach out to a @ToriAgent or @Super Moderator on our Discord.

Q: How do I report a post on the forums?
If you come across a post on the forums that goes against our community guidelines (toxicity, harassment, profiling etc.), immediately use the report button available on the user's post.

Q: How do I report a player in-game (game client)?
Here's a brief tutorial below.

Alternatively, you can take screenshots and present evidence to make a thread in the Reports Board which will be elaborated on at the end of this FAQ thread.
Please screenshot your entire game client screen. Do not crop screenshots.

I've been scammed! How do I file a scam report?
Easy, you file one in the >Scam Reports board< .
Please read the stickys in this board before you go on to file a scam report. [/B]If you do not post accordingly, chances are the moderators would not be conveniently able to handle your report and it may end up getting delayed in the process.

None of these fit my issue, how do I make a report about something else?
It is possible none of the above criteria have met the subject of your report. You may (if you find it to be convenient) make a thread in the >Reports board<. It is important you state the issue of your report coherently with evidence. Without evidence, the moderation team or relevant staff responsible will not be able to help you.

There are a couple of sub-boards that help better organize and deal with your reports that pertain to a specific area of issue. I've organized them below:

General Reports (Link) - For reporting user behavior etc.
Scam Reports (Link)- For all scams, glitches, duels etc.
Staff Complaints (Link) - For raising concerns about staff members

It is important to note the staff groups responsible for each sector (though not necessary, it may render faster responses).
You would want to reach out to ToriAgents or for in-game reports, Super Moderators for forum-related / general reports and Market Squad for scam / Torishop reports.
URL="https://forum.toribash.com/showgroups.php"]>Current list of Toribash Staff<[/URL].

Conclusively, please keep in mind to use common sense before making a report. Refrain from reporting something just because say, it annoys you or has grammatical errors. Lastly, ask yourself whether it is worth reporting.
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