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[RIG]C4D Tori-Rig
Hey guys, been working on this for a while, I'm sure it'll be helpful.

Please make sure you read the manual included in the rar file before use.

enjoy ^^
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Thanks Stup!
I bet it was alot of work , now finally I dont have to export from DAZ.
RelaxAll was life. Feels bad to be an oldie.
it was a lot of work, about 3 days off and on.

your welcome :P

EDIT: Here's an animation with my rig in action:

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Woot awesome!
Yeah , C4D rigging takes alot of work , thats why I use Poser 7 most of the time. It has autorig.
Well , my main PC is broke , gotta way for it to come back and then ill use your RIG.
RelaxAll was life. Feels bad to be an oldie.

the main difficulty was finding a way to rig it that would work. but I think I found the perfect solution.
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... then resize it to your likings...

I don't quite get what you're saying.
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Great Job Stups! I think he means Dancing "Baby" Tori. Amirite? (off to make a NEW avvy)
<Crooked> I'd say spartan, cause if he's tough enough to digest ungodly amounts of alcohol he clearly has the best body