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My new Replay thread!
well i thought i should get my replays out in the world a bit
P is Parkour
S is Sparring
T is Tricking
U is Ukebashing
and R is just random stuff like dancing or playing with a ball or shit like that
those are a few of my replays that i'll post for now more are coming!
CnC is more than welcome!
Heres another one right out of the the oven :3
another one
in this replay it was like i stole boaplitas's skill because he just damn sucked
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P - Mirrors Edge keyframes.rpl (2.31 MB, 66 views)
T - Desaster.rpl (484.5 KB, 29 views)
U - Throwin'.rpl (438.7 KB, 15 views)
U - Reapin' ^.rpl (194.7 KB, 15 views)
U - Shizzle.rpl (264.0 KB, 13 views)
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P - Mirrors Edge: Appears to be broken for me :s

T - Boaplitas: The replay looked pretty good, but it was poorly executed. The jackknife setup was good but the kicks were pretty underwhelming

The monkey scoot was okay but could've been cleaner (but that doesn't really matter, it was MP after all)

The cork wasn't bad, but it felt awkward, you hardly tucked in. Watch the heel! try to always have your feet flat on the ground.

T - Desaster: is also broken for me, forums pls

-Skipping ukebash

Keep going, I like your style
basically a beyblade that can jump.
tricking thread
straight out of sp in the wide wide world comes this replay
the cork was real good but i kinda just went random after that
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T - Pump it^.rpl (369.6 KB, 16 views)
aaand another tricking replay its only one trick but i tried to do it as good as possible
CnC please!
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T - jackknife.rpl (203.2 KB, 10 views)
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Opener is stiff. Jump is nice, especially the cork. You really should have followed up with anything other than a long grab though. Dm's are really cool though.
Interesting skeet to say the least. Practice transitions between movements, and avoid grabs like that in the future.
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Whatched all the replays.

It's alot of problems with stiffy shitty things that you can fix by just editing and spending more time on.

Tricks are nice doe. Keep at it and you'll improve fast af
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yea i get bored fast so i dont spend much time on one replay
but sometimes i spend more time on a replay like on the jackknife above (wich is actually a swipeknife)
well but since that trick was a swipeknife i'll upload an actual jackknife
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T - Jackknife.rpl (189.3 KB, 9 views)
The trick is really nice.

I hate the contracted elbows tough, it ruins it actually :c
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but if i'd not contracted the elbows i woulda had to deal with ghosting and thats annoying
well i'll keep it in mind for the next time ^^