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I've decided to put some of my best replays on the first post, and when i get more, i'll put them on the next post then so on.
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Lucky Clover Dominance!.rpl (219.6 KB, 20 views)
[Lucky] Dinkers.rpl (176.1 KB, 10 views)
[Lucky]BigDog's Clover!.rpl (147.7 KB, 8 views)
[Lucky]Dong Special...rpl (174.3 KB, 8 views)
[Lucky]Fangs.rpl (197.4 KB, 9 views)
[Lucky]Hit Comeplete.rpl (150.9 KB, 5 views)
[Lucky]I can't denie.rpl (195.3 KB, 6 views)
[Lucky]Pinhead.rpl (151.1 KB, 7 views)
perfected kick thing.rpl (100.9 KB, 4 views)
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ok so ill just go ahead and give a general cnc on all of your replays, now all together,
your movement was stiff which is ok since you are just starting out at replay making.
try making all your moves meld together instead of making every move separate,
this keeps flow to the replay and makes it very easy and attractive to watch.
A good way to practice this is turn on a higher gravity so you can keep close to the ground,
something around -23 or -16 whichever you feel most comfortable with, and just practice openers and keeping rotation.
thats about all i got for now, keep it the work man you got a long road ahead of you
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Thanks for the advice,
I'm having trouble with making more moves, that and tricking, I tried to do a good cork in the nice first try replay, though i don't know how to get momentum properly.
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there is a relative lack of creativity here, you do the same thing every replay, it just feels like im watching the same thing over and over. try to do some different openers and dm patterns
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It is called "creativity" there is no suggestions really man.
you are just doing split caps over and over just do something different.
in my opinion you dont even have to use the standard classic play just do something out of the box
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