You really should have downloaded the set ConCon
Yikes D:
May I request you reupload with the set downloaded before the video gets a lot of views?

Thanks guys!
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I did /dl Jisse so I'm a bit confused but yeah I've privatized the video, we can redo it the way it's meant to look.
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It's that time again

Notes and (un)interesting facts

Being swedish viking culture has always been dear to me and I thought it high time I pay homage to my ancient ancestors.

This was by far the most exciting replay I have ever worked on, much fun was had although at some points I wish I had never started at all.

The replay took 30-40 hours to make, there was very little script for this one so most of it was pure improv.

Ingamehack.lua by NutHug and Blink.lua by Blam and Eleeleth

Object ref image

Thanks for looking and let me know what you think

You WILL need the mod
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