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Originally Posted by Erth View Post
... a player that has verifiably played over 130,000 games causing 0 trouble, seems like a genuinely nice guy and plays this game his own way for his own fun? ...

So he's played a lot of the game and isn't a terrible user. I'm not sure if that sounds particularly legend-worthy to me...
Having played 35 games daily (average) for 12 years straight and being the most dedicated user to the game itself sounds pretty legend worthy to me...
Another telling thing is that this isn't the first, or even second time it's been raised.

Dunno which side of the fence I personally fall on. I get the arguments against it when you compare it to players like nuthug or whatever, but being legendary doesn't have to mean being the absolute best in your field. I like to think that it can also mean that you're just a legendary player, and he probably fulfils that criteria on the basis of his being (quantifiabely) the most dedicated user.

You lot tryna tell me that you don't wish you still enjoyed toribash as much as this guy clearly does?
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I 100% agree that XBCZ should get legend, the dude is overall chill to hang around when he's on and just constantly no-grabs qa
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I remember when I suggested this and got shitted on for it -_- but I'd nominate XBCZ for legend. He doesn't do anything that'd warrant an infraction or ban. He doesn't shit talk or is toxic, and has proven to be perhaps the most dedicated player to the game ever. (This is Enclave btw)
Who actually decides who has to be a legend?
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Originally Posted by ruby View Post
So he's played a lot of the game and isn't a terrible user. I'm not sure if that sounds particularly legend-worthy to me...

imagine downplaying a guy that played more games than every toribash player ever for 12 years straight

for having that much dedication to a game i think is inspiring to any new toribash player