I'm looking for flaws but I can't find any major ones. The flow was outstanding and the manip was just wow. There were a couple small twitches when you landed but honestly that's it.
I really like the way you carried the flow, it looked great man. You were a little bit too floaty near the beginning for my liking.

Manip was pretty good, I liked it.

The decap kick was sweet, but I feel you pulled out too early.

Glute kick was great though.

ending transition had a lot to improve on :P

overall sweet replay
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The manip was pro, lots of flow and it looked so stylish and then you sped up and you kept it flawless and the hits were flawless.
dude ur crazy
great replay
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Everything I wanted to say has been said.
Except that the transition to the pose was possibly one of the worst transitions I have ever seen in my life and it should go die in a hole.
Other then that, all replays have been fukn rekd.