He's trying to help the community...

You guys are so much better than him? It is much more beautiful help than staying just criticizing.

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hey guys, this is the beginner sanctuary and he is at least trying to help some new people understand what to do, albeit vague. so do yourselves a favour and leave him alone.

hey thejkl, perhaps it'd be cool if you posted a tip for new players every few days? this would increase the chance that players in need can see this thread and also will provide alot of support for some?

Exactly what I meant.
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Hello Newbies!

Need Help? Strategy?

Sure!! Listen, i Use The Middle-Strategy

i Hit all Parts of The "Enemy" Body

Of Course, i use my Foot to reach a Jump Boost,

I jump in the Body of my "Enemy" to Break the,

Movimentation System, Now This Strategy

make you a Winner!

Need Help?, i am Here.
You Power are Secure.
Whit my Strategy!

Use screenshots and number the steps to show us what you mean, I think it would be better then!
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All you guys making jokes about this, fuck you all. This guy is actually DOING something helpful, unlike all you lowlifes making fun of him. Imagine, this could actually help someone, and while your sitting around being assholes he's out doing something that's nice and helpful. So, if you please, stop with the hate on him and this thread.
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why don't you add some pics to see how this works
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As much as I want to be a helpful friendly dude, I can't. This is an equivalent to a shitpost. It is horribly vague, written, and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. And you honestly expect people to take this seriously? No. Welcome to the real world.

This will only confuse people.

Add screenshots, spell properly, and actually take things seriously. Thanks.