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Current Clan League set up
Ok posting this took a lil longer than intended my bad soz. I've had some family + work stuff come up and it was either I post this now or after I come back from a small trip. So now is now and current set up is as follows.

A long held tradition and staple of Toribash arrives.
Get ready for Clan League 2019!

Last year, Alpha achieved their second title in a row. But after the members decided to go their seperate ways, there's now no obvious name at the top of the leader board.
Which of members will be consistent winners? Who will dealing with regrets?

Rules for participation are as follows:

•Anyone found to be in multiple rosters on alternate accounts will be punished with disqualification from the whole event. This includes being in several accounts in one roster
•Failure to complete matches will result in penalties and/or disqualification from the competition.
•Wars must be done via the Clan War system.
•The replays for the KnockOut Stage will have to be uploaded in the Clan League thread (I'm undecided if I'll say the same for the group stages)

Due to the success of it last year, we're using the same League Qualification into Knockout system.

Within your groups you will fight the opposing clans at least once.
The top NUMBER clans per group will advance to the final stage, except for *whatever number i need to make the KO rounds as even as possible.*
This brings X clans down to Y for the final knockout stage.
The final stage will be a standard single elimination, with a reverse gradient seed (Read as: 1st vs 16th, 2nd vs 15th, 3rd vs 14th and so on.)

The rules for the group phase are as follows:

Rules will go here in time \o/


Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup EGroup FGroup GGroup HGroup I
Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup EGroup FGroup GGroup HGroup I
Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup EGroup FGroup GGroup HGroup I
Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup EGroup FGroup GGroup HGroup I

Challonge Bracket which will be made when needed

•Something mega cool*
•Clan Achievement Trophy
•Shiai Tokens
•Clan EXP

•Shiai Tokens
•Clan EXP

•Shiai Tokens

To qualify for prizes you must have played at least ?? games.

We recommend you use discord to organise your matches, you can find a link to the official toribash server here
Feel free to organise matches in your own servers, or however you see fit.

**This is what is currently in place.**

Some questions i expect to be asked so i'll answer them here are:

1) Yes I know the images are broken, I broke them on purpose cause leaving the old art there would cause misunderstandings and I'm not showing the new art early

2)Yes you will see things that aren't locked or defined as numbers/specific details at the moment, this is on purpose cause I haven't started sign ups so I don't know how many clans will be in it.

If you have any questions/comments, this is the time to put em in writing for me to answer.
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