sometimes you twitched on it,and looked a bit stiff(both around frame 419 - 400),however the idea is kinda good.
the way you both manipulated the wrists was excelent.
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i dont really get the idea of this except fun
well the hand jungling was good but i'd like if you do it without grab.same for the skeets
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An Ode to bgjames1- :3 I liked it. It was fluid and I like the ideas and transition you made

(p.s you made a replay of me o.o :3 I LOVE YOU <3)
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The beginning was rather boring for me, as it was pretty generic, and didn't have much creativity (to me anyway). Poor placement made the next kick look week, but it must've been hard in -30 grav. That throw though... that was next level. Even if it wasn't wholly intentional, it was still awesome. Good job!
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By force or by nice:

Fuck me, dude. That behind the back kick was sweet.

And that explosion of body parts from your hand at the end... so succulent.

Very Like/10
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OK. First hit was beautiful. I liked it. A LOT. But you contracted your knee straight a way and it hit ukes wrist, it looked kindve pointless (and a little twitchy. JUST THAT ONE PART THOUGH). The decap looked good, I thought the hit could've been more direct, but the spin was great. Then the transition into where you fucking rekt ukes hips- IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING. Probably my favourite part of the replay. 9/10, no 10 because of the wrist hit lol.

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i really liked the way you used the opener to launch into a spin
the kick off uke was good
the spin to the split kick was pretty good but it looked a little weak
the spin to the recap was good
the spin combo thingy was really cool
the boom was weird that you pulled it off but its pretty good
cool pose