Nothing really, I liked making replays back then and I like making replays now. The only reason I 'left' was school and being interested in other things for a time. It's an interest that waxes and wanes, I don't see anything painful about that cycle myself.
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So many players have a huge ego and it often leads to me wanting to rip my eyes out of my socket so I never have to read anything they write again.
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it became stale, and I just moved on to different games. I'm still active as a community member/moderator, but I'm not really interested in playing the game anymore after playing on and off for 13 years.

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24/07/2019. I'll find you again my friend.
Replay thread thing
Have any reports or issues?

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The game is dead and the staff reacts like: hmmmm, ye its fine, lets pretend that there are manny players on the rooms 😎
This made me quit several times
Well mostly because I'm bored af to move those joints. The other reason is I'm junk xd, but I'm active in forum.
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I hop in once in a while to play a game or two. Maybe make a replay. I don't play it as much as I used to anymore 'cause of my responsibilities irl.
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he staff is generally pretty terrible

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the staff ... are dogshit

Care to explain? Not even trolling. What aspect makes the staff shit? Rules they make, behavior, attitude? Perhaps it was just me being some sort of staff for so long that I just didn't see it the same as regular members. I just hope that no one saw me as shit lmao I guess to an extent.

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I stopped playing so often like in 2015-2016 i think mainly because the game just didn't evolve anymore in any way that was keeping me captivated. It was too repetitive and too boring, yeah you could say most popular games like CSGO, LOL, DOTA or any other multiplayer game like this is repetitive, but those games have the element of replayability and they have it a lot. Toribash on the other hand isn't newbie friendly tbh that much and after a while it becomes really boring.

On the other hand i never left the community on the forum, everyday i visit the forum at least once per day to see what's new and the community is up to, but for the game i rarely but it up anymore these days, it's a wonder i still have it installed for some reason, but it isn't that big so i can redownload it anytime if i want to with no problem.