YOOOOO that is sick man. i love how the arrow is in the shield. thats sick dude. i dont really have many complaints other than it gets messy but thats it gg man
I don't fucking care, it will be worth it
EDIT: It was worth it

HOW THE FUCK do you do that shit
Awesome mods, awesome hacking, awesome movement, awesome storytelling

Please win sp cup, if you are not the next Nuthug noone will be
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those are delicious

i hope you will at least have fun while kicking my ass in the finals lol
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unfortunately i might not be able to

leaving for christmas break and depending when the challenge is given i wont have enough time
tsu tsu cuckoo
how the living hell do you manage to do all this shit while still having time for school and family in real life? i can barely make normal repalys without getting caught up in other stuff
lol i dont

grades fell drastically once sp cup started

straight a's to b's and a c

i have a super ambitious replay idea that i dont even know how i'll accomplish with such little time i have. thats also hoping that whatever the challenge is, is something that goes with this

its going to call for what i dread:

full-out effort
tsu tsu cuckoo
omg i cant talk bout the god thing coz this prison break is fking amazing.
srsly that use of hack is the best i have ever seen. fuck you prooo >_<
Aadame:I'm very signaturable
It's just no one usues my shit .