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Running zockinator.exe

I'm a terminator programmed to steal yo' girl
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Dance of death.rpl (339.7 KB, 194 views)
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definitely a nice, smooth manip. though that decap kick looked a bit weak, which kinda took away from it.

nice skeet too. what gravity did you do this in?
replays pls cnc me
happy new year!

wow. then that skeet really is amazing. i mean, usually when you throw things they just fly away, never to return
replays pls cnc me
The manip was nice and smooth. You weren't twitchy or anything, so it's great. Anyway, like Ezophlee said, the decap could have looked more powerful
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Thanks for your help.

I just finished a madman, it is actually pretty decent compared to the time I spent into it.

CnC would be appreciated, enjoy.
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Gotta go mad, man.rpl (152.8 KB, 85 views)
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So yeah , Nice Madman really fast. But i didn't like the left arms of uke that hit you head.
Also i like this opener :3
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looks cool. i love your style. there were a few akward moments in the replay that looked a little stiff but the dms cover it up really good. Not a fan of the first kick though. Looked stiff.

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Two new replays.
In the first one I tried it with a higher gravity, the second one was just to see UKE explode.

I mainly focused on my hits in those.
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Every replay needs a backflip.rpl (904.8 KB, 58 views)
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They look good, your manip was good, i loved the decap in it. That ghosting doe, EEEWWW.

Explosions, nothing wrong with it. but you need to work on speed, after the first hit you took a pause before going on wich i didn't like.

|Opener by Xioi|#KillTheScootCork|
"Cool delfin med solglajjor" -Larfen